2.1 Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction in Baku (AzUAC)


2.1.1 The ceremony of the official inauguration of the Avicenna Canter (June 2016):
Following the delivery of equipment at the Avicenna centre and the training of 30 teachers and the permanent team (5 teachers and technicians), the production process of 15 modules in science and technology were launched).

The ceremony took place in very good conditions following a specific agenda. The participants of this ceremony were:

  • The local authorities, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • The representative of the Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan
  • The rectors of several universities
  • Other officials

After the official speeches of the authorities, the Avicenna model and the development of the network in the Mediterranean, Arab countries, Africa and Central Asia were explained.

(See leaflet Annex I)


During the ceremony, the national television covered the event and broadcast a short presentation in the national 9 pm news. The sequence related to this event is still online on YOUTUBE.

2.1.2 Activities of Avicenna e-learning centre:

– Implementation of a technical support for the producers in the Avicenna e-learning centre. This service will be provided by the three permanent technicians:

– to helping the teacher on the preparation of PPT presentations and possibly graphic objects or animations;

– Video recording of 20 mns teaching sequences;

– The production of exercises (from the platform) using the questions bank;

– Uploading of pedagogical sequences (on-line) and digital documents on the platform (use of the specific teaching space);

– Implementation of a plan to monitor the production process and use of human and technical resources;

– Assistance in the implementation of the quality assurance system for online content structured according to the Avicenne pedagogic model.

– Assistance to the Scientific Council for the evaluation of online content.

– Assistance on the procedure, methodology and evaluation rules using the standard form of the Avicenna UNESCO network.

– Follow-up of the intermediate evaluation sessions carried out by the permanent team of the Avicenna Centre and the pairs.

– Assistance to the permanent team on managing of all activities in the Avicenna e-learning centre.