Become member — كن عضواً

By joining the Avicenna Virtual Campus Network (UNESCO-NGO), you contribute to the EDUCATION FOR ALL program in several regions of the world in Africa, Mediterranean, Central Asia, Middle East.

You also contribute to the education in ISOLATED AREAS, WITHOUT ELECTRICITY AND WITHOUT INTERNET and also to basic education for children and students in REFUGEE CAMPS.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of students and students are affected and deprived of their education, especially in the isolated regions and in the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. Your membership in the Avicenna Virtual Campus Network will help to reduce their isolation and promote their well-being.

How much does an annual membership cost from January 1st to December 31st?

Membership is €50 for active members and benefactors and €150 for educational institutions (schools and universities), businesses, organizations, social and cultural structures. 

Membership is from €5 to €20 for teachers and students.

Join the UNESCO-NGO AVCN in 2022: