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Make a donation

Make a donation

Make a donation — للتبرع

supporting the Avicenna Virtual Campus Network (UNESCO-NGO), you contribute to
EDUCATION for ALL in several regions of the world in Africa, the Mediterranean,
Central Asia, the Middle East.

also contribute to education in ISOLATED REGIONS, WITHOUT ELECTRICITY AND
WITHOUT INTERNET and also to basic education for children and students in

Your DONATION makes it possible to contribute to the
financing of a certain number of Mobile Virtual Classes (Suitcases) in the unit
cost is estimated at a minimum of 3500 euros. (See details: Virtual Class
operating without electricity and without internet)


Financing a Mobile Virtual Classroom means sponsoring
for one (1) year, at least 200 pupils / students (levels: Primary / Secondary /
Higher education) who will follow a normal schooling or university cycle in
isolated regions and in the most vulnerable and disadvantaged as well as in
refugee camps.


You can also partially contribute to the financing of
a Mobile Virtual Class with a donation of your choice. Following the COVID-19
pandemic, several million pupils and students are affected and deprived of
continuing their studies. 


Your donation to the Avicenna Virtual Campus Network
(UNESCO-NGO) will help alleviate their isolation and promote their well-being.
As RCVA / AVCN is recognized as being of general interest, your donation
entitles you to a reduction in your income tax (in France / or another
countries) of up to 66% of the amount paid within the limit of 20% of your taxable
income. A donation of €100 represents a real cost of €34 after tax deduction.  /

To Make a
Donation click here.

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