NWSW Education in Emergency Project Update: July 2020

COVID-19 messaging: All the Community learning spaces have been modified in response to the COVID-19 safety regulations as guided by CLUSTER COVID-19 risk matrix.  Number of learners in each center reduced to at-most 50 learners and home learning groups established. Learners required to wear masks in the learning spaces. Parents also sensitized on COVID 19. All local partners through their individual funding provided washing buckets and soap to the learning spaces.

Key Project Outputs /Activities Status:                                              

  1. Non-Formal learning:
    1. The non-formal education learning platform has proved to be very useful for the 293 communities in the crises effected areas providing distance learning in non-formal education, psycho-social support and broadcasted messages.
    2. The platform is operational with 75,945 learners registered on;
    3. 17,554 use the learning material through offline Avicenna Virtual Classroom system
    4. 7,233 use the online platform https://unesco-ecw.avcn.fr/
    5. 11 Avicenna Virtual Classrooms units have been established (consisting of nano server, nano projector, speaker, and solar charged battery).
    6. 300 tablets will be used offline through Mobile Application and SD cards (Individual using)

Exemple de session introductive