Improvement of continuing training for the various players in the educational and supervision chain

1)EXAMPLES of specific projects carried out by UNESCO within the framework of the Avicenna projects


Each Avicenna center has at least one workstation for blind teachers and students. 5% of the production of online courses are adapted for the blind. There have been over 1000 users (teachers and student s who have benefited from Avicenna projects in the Mediterranean.

D’autres projets ont été réalisés en Afrique, Inde et Pays Arabes.

2) Current project in CHAD (PREAT)

Within the framework of the TCHAD (PREAT) project, activities are planned to improve the quality of learning and supervision of primary education through the definition and implementation of a continuing training plan intended for the various players in the educational chain at this level of education, in particular Avicenna centers (digital spaces) will be set up and will be equipped with Braille terminals and open source platforms suitable for the blind.

Text-to-speech will be used primarily for special education. These tools will also be available in the AVICENNE VIRTUAL CLASSES equipped with Nano-servers. Specialized education aims to ensure the right to quality education and social inclusion for children, adolescents and young people living with disabilities, in particular the visually and hearing impaired.